Construction Machinery & Equipments.

AMRUTA stationary concrete batching plants have been designed for maximum efficiency and reliability for producing all types of high quality concretes, with production outputs from 30m³ to 75 m³ per hour.
AMRUTA stationary plants are available with a variety of options and can be configured to meet each client’s individual needs.

There are many concrete plants running all over the India in different climatic conditions helping to build better infrastructure, better cities and better life. We are aware of how important is the role of a concrete plant in completing a project. Keeping it in mind we design stable and long lasting structures, AMRUTA have one of the best after-sales teams which is ready to help in minutes where possible and we use high-quality components (like WAM, JANATICS,CROMPTION, BONFINGLIOLI) which are available worldwide to make sure that our customers rely on equipment they purchased and are not bind to us in solving minor service issues.

AMRUTA is a primary choice of professionals in ready mixed concrete manufacturing for large-scale projects like dams or airports.

The main features which differentiate AMRUTA Concrete Batching plant from its competitors are the internal abrasion-proof surface and the impervious mixing handles and capacity which comply with every requirement to make it one of the most reliable mixers for concrete plant manufacturers.

Modern Designing Technology

Amruta Batching Plant and twin shaft mixers are designed, constantly improved and analyzed with the use of three-dimensional advance 3D modeling software.
Twin shaft mixer is machined on an imported boring machine which guarantees the perfect alignment parallelism, increases bearing life and stop slurry for reduced maintenance.

Liner Plates Performance

Ni-hard cast iron tiles give many times the life of abrasion resistance steel linear plates reducing lifetime cost compared to pan & planetary mixers. Strong extra thick and rib design in Ni-hard chill cast material paddles.

Perfect Mixing

The twin shaft mixer is the most advance solution. Its capable of handling from high to zero slump concrete. The distance is accomplished by a pneumatic cylinder for fast & complete discharge. It’s advanced technologies for ready mix precast concrete industries where a large volume of high-quality concrete is produced.

Modular Stationary Plant with Effective Output

The most advance features of Amruta concrete batching plant. Its compact and modular design provides fast and easy erection and dismantles at site. All welded frames and structure are assembled at our works for easy installations at site with ordinary “Pick & Carry” crane.

Robust Design with
High-Performance Oriented Plant

We have glowing heritage & much experience in designing with latest technology & manufacturing facility. We produce high robustness and reliable types of equipment which performs its best in any environmental condition.

Low Maintenance & Economic Efficiency

Amruta Engineer modular designed Batching Plant can be installed with minimum civil work and require very small installation space, it leads minimum cost of ramp customers saving civil work, reduce consumption of diesel of loading equipments JCB/Loader. Notable features are reduced wearing, simple maintenance, and low energy consumption.

1 Concrete TheoreticalOutpuVhour (under idealand continuous operation condition) 30 cum 45 cum 60 cum 75 cum
2 Aggregate Storage Bins (3nos.) One Bin (sand) with vibrator lnline 4 nos each tapacity 8cum lnline 4 noseachcapacity 8 aim lnline4no;eachcapacily1 0.5 COOi lllille 4 nos each capeciy 10.5cum
3 Aggregate charging conveyor system vl1lghingwith electromagnetic •s•typeload cell. 4 nos 4 nos 4 nos 4/5/6 nos
4 Charging Conveyor Chevron type Chevrontype Chevron type Chevron type
5 Mixer Untt Twin Shaf t (0.5 M3) Twin Shalt (0.75 M3) TwinShall (1 M3) Twin Shall(1.25 M3)
6 Cemenl/filter Weighing System Electromagnetic ·s·type load cell 3 nos 3nos 3 nos 3 nos
7 Cement Weighing Hopper with Vibrator 300 kg. 450 kg. 600 kg. 750 kg.
8 Water weighing system Electromagnetic toad cell 1 nos 1nos 3 nos 3 nos
9 Water Weighing Hopper 180 Ltr. 300 Ltr. 400 Ltr. 500 Ltr.
10 Admixtureweighing system Electromagnetic ·s·type load cell 1 nos 1nos 1 nos 1 nos
t l Water Sprinkling/Gravity Discharge Yes Yes Yes Yes
12 Maximum Aggregate Size 40 mm 60 mm 80 mm 80 mm
13 Cement Filling Hopper with Vibrator 1 cum 1 cum 1cum 1 cum
14 Cement Screw Convey0< 0168 0219 0219 0219
15 Air Compressor 3HP 5HP 7.5HP t OHP
16 ControlSystem Automatic PlC Auta<natic PLC Automatic PlC Automatic PlC
17 Discharge He ght 4 mtr 4 mtr 4 mtr 4 mtr
18 Connected Power 48 kw 59 kw 72 kW 85 kw
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