Easy Mobility Of Stationary Plant :

      • Mixer mounting Frame.
      • Mixer Platform with Shift Grill.
      • Feeder frame & Supports.
      • Belt conveyor Frames Inclined & Aggregates with all supports.
      • Water weighing Frames with support.
      • Aggregate storage Bins 4 Nos with support.
      • Bins are Provided with Grids for Safty & Feed Control.

Structure & Chasis :

      • AMRUTA Batching plant is easy erection or dismantlinj at site.
      • It has comes fully assembled from our works in 3 parts.
      • Only feaw hours required for installation.
      • Slieel design for very less installation area and minimum civil works.
      • Inline bins facilitate independent and accuarete weighing for aggregates.

    Cement Weighing System :

        • Electromechnical S type Load Cell.
        • Electromechnical Pnenumatic Valve for the actuation of discharge gate.
        • Conical Weighing Hopper of Capacity 1500 Kg.

    Water Weighing system :

        • Water Tank Capacity 800 Ltrs.
        • Electromagnetic Pneumatic valve for the actuation of discharge WAM Make.
        • Electrolechanical Weighing with Load Cell.
        • Waier Pump with Internal Pipe Line

    Gate :

        • Pneumatically Operated 3 Nos. for Aggregate.
        • Pneumatically Operated 1 Nos. for Sand.

    Vibrator :

        • Electrical unbalance weight type vibrator for Sand WAM make.
        • Electrical unbalance weight type vibrator for Cement WAM make.

    Admixture Weighing System :

        • Slight - Glass Cylinder.
        • Admixture Dosing Pump.
        • Jar Capacity 20 Ltrs.
        • Electro Megnetic Pneumatic Valve for the Actuation of discharge Gate.

    Screw Conveyor For Cement :

        • Swivel Type Screw Conveyor for Cement dia 273 mm WAM Make.
        • Conveying Length 10 M.

    AMRUTA Twin Shaft Mixer :

        • Compacted Fresh concrete output 2 cum.
        • Pneumatically actuated mixer discharge Gate.
        • Identical and interchangeable anti wear liners and Blades with high chrome alloy steel.
        • Effective mixing characteristics in radial, vertical and circular directions.
        • Two Heavy duty Gear Box Mounted with Motors.
        • Strong extra thick and Rib Design is in Nihard Chill Cast Material Paddles.
        • End Arm Paddle with Hard Facing with L & T Electrodes.
        • Reduced wear with aerofoil Arm Design.
        • High robustness and reliability
        • Heavy duty Gear Box Mounted with Motors.
        • Heavy Duty Helical Gear For Syncronizing.
        • Mixer Body Full Machining on Boring Machine for Complete Allignment.
        • Labriyanth Seal for Sealing.

    Air Compressor :

        • Suction Volume FAD 40 CFM.
        • Motor 10 HP.
        • Working Pressure 12.3 KG/CM2.
        • Compressed Air Tank 300 Ltrs.

    Fully Automatic Control System :

        • PLC Control System with SCADA.
        • 4 Digital Displays for various Components.
        • Possibility to enter 4 aggregate, 2 Cement, 2 Mixing Water and one Ad-Mixture Components.
        • Automatic material in air compensation.
        • Emergency Cut out switch.
        • HMI and Operating elements on the board front door.
        • Pre Cabling and Pneumatics Lines.
        • Production data back up on pen drive memory.
        • Possibility to switch over to manual operation.
        • Option for printer interface for full day record.
        • Option for printer interface for full day record.

    High Wear Life :

        • Ultra liners Tiles give many times the life of abrasion resistante steel liner plate, reducing cost bolter assembley makes replacement a simple task, in additionalyy tight fabrication tolerances mean that blades can be ajusted close to walls and floor for perfect mixing.
        • High quality of wear tiles ensures even longer life.

Technical Specification

Mode No. 90cum
Concrete Theoretical Output/hour
(under ideal and countinuous operation condition)
Aggrigate Storage System, Aggrigate Storage Bins
One Bins(sand) Equipped with Vibrators
Inline Compartment Type- Bins. 4nos
Aggrigate Charging Conveyor System
(In order to provide accurate Charging of the materials, Weighing- System Equipped with Electromegnetic style Load Cell.
4 nos
Charging Hopper Yes
Charging Conveyor Chevron type /
Deep Bucket (Optional)

Mixer Unit

Twin Shaft (0.5 M3)

Cement / Filler Weighing System
Electromegnetic 'S' type load cell
Sand Vibrator
1 nos
Water Weighing System
Electromegnetic 'S' Type Load Cell
1 nos
Admixer Weighing System
Electromegnetic 'S' type Load Cell
Water Sprinkling / Cleaning System Yes
Maximum Aggrigate Size 80mm
Cement Filling Hopper
1 cum.
Cement Screwr Conveyor WAM Make
Air Compressor 10 HP
Control System Automatic PLC
Discharge Hopper Yes
Discharge Height 4mtr
The modular structure and modulor unit are fast for installation and removal.
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