What Is a Concrete Batching Plant?

A concrete batching plant is a mobile or stationary facility that mixes together all of the necessary ingredients (concrete, sand, gravel, and water) to create customized or standardized concrete blends. The blended mixture is then transported to the job site using a truck equipped with a revolving drum.

Mixing concrete at a centralized location instead of on the building site is a very cost-effective technique for construction companies that give them two primary benefits. The first is convenience, because a semi-permanent or mobile concrete batching plant can be established close to a job site so that concrete can be quickly supplied around-the-clock during a construction project. These types of plans can be located as close as an adjacent lot or right across the street and they allow maximization of the building site space by not having cluttered with concrete mixing equipment.

The second advantage that a concrete batching plant offers is having precise quality control over the concrete blend. When concrete is mixed on site its typically done manually and the quality of the mixture can vary greatly from one batch of concrete to the next. But when its mixed using a concrete batching plant the process can be automated with computers so that the precise amount of concrete, sand, gravel, and water can be measured to create a consistently high quality concrete blend for the construction crew.

However, as an important aside, using a smaller, mobile concrete batching plant is also more environmentally sound because in most cases the plant can be situated so close to the construction site that almost all transportation costs and pollutants such as greenhouse gases from truck exhaust are eliminated, thereby preserving the environment.

In the case where a centralized concrete batching plant is used to supply concrete to several different building sites or different customers, the stationary or permanent plant design with automated measuring and mixing equipment and tools allow the concrete supplier or construction firm to achieve significant cost savings by leveraging economies of scale.

In response to increasing economic pressures, centralized ready mixed concrete (RMC) is an integral part of the construction industry. Concrete is mixed using the most modern equipment available such as the concrete pump, high-speed computers for measuring, and a state-of-the-art transit mixer for transportation. Its manufactured under tightly controlled operations and then transported to a construction site for immediate use.

In the future, there are plans for constructing a rolling concrete batching plant that's capable of handling even larger construction projects which could very well make the permanent plant a thing of the past. Technological innovations in the industry continue to be made and the future is bright for manufacturing concrete.

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Basic Questions?
  • Which kind of batch plant are you looking for portable or stationary concrete batch plant?
  • Will you need a central mix or (ready mix) transit mix plant?
  • How many types of aggregates (sand, stone, etc.) will you be using?
  • Exactly how many cements/additives will you are implementing?
  • What exactly do your usual production requirements? {Cubic yards/meters per hour}
  • Start thinking about average mixing truck load is 8-10 yards
  • What number hours per day can your plant operate?
  • Exactly where will be the plant are located? Will be any specialized issues to consider? (Voltage, seismic area, terrain, remote, etc.)
  • Do you have particular silo as well as container efficiency needs?