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Concrete Truss Screed Paver Screed Fixed Form Paver Finisher Machine offered comprises self-propelled unit and features manually adjustable heavy-duty mechanical jacks and electric driver roller for smooth performance. Further, it comes with single point control through electric panel and provides optimum usage in meeting concrete lining work of roads, bridge decks, walkways and others. Some of its features include provides for stable and consistent performance, use of quality tested components for consistent performance, available in different functional capacities.

  • 4 nos. of manually adjustable heavy-duty mechanical jacks with Fibre Wheel.
  • Electrically driver Roller, Auger Assembly and Travel Roller.
  • Single point control from Electric Panel.
frame frames are made from welded steel panels in standard length which are bolted together according to the required size of the concrete slab
length clear working width of 3. 75 mtr.
cylindrical finishing rollers unique design as we provide two separate cylindrical finishing rollers one at the front side and another at the back side so better finishing is achieved more to this one can operate both the rollers together or stops any one roller as per requirement.
augur arrangement full length augur is provided at the front side for spreading extra concrete equally on the both the ends of the slab to achieve even surface and more to this separate drive is given with provision of forward and reverse rotation so one can operate it in either direction as per the requirement
drive rollers total four drive rollers are given where two rollers at each side is given with separate drive for both the ends with provision of forward and reverse rotation so one can move the paver forward or reverse as per need and we also provide facility to turn on/off any side of the drive rollers which helps to move paver in curving areas of the slab.
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