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AMRUTA, the Ahmedabad based highly professional company is growing at a very fast pace. The company is the manufacturer of hi-tech mechanized in-situ concrete pavers up to 30 meters wide and 600mm slab thickness for various applications including Airport runway, Taxiway, Apron, City roads, Parking lots, Bridge decks and Irrigation canals.

AMRUTA Paver Finisher using Three point finishing systems is designed to vibrate, consolidate and finish the concrete slabs with a varying thickness of 1″ to 5″ with an internal vibrator and 5″ to 9″ inbuilt Pan Vibrator and above 9″ to 24″ inbuilt Needle Vibrators are provided.

The vibratory cylinder, supplied as a standard feature mounted on carriage moves transversely across the slab to be paved wherein the machine runs longitudinally over the pre-laid and leveled rail, kept just outside the side shuttering on either side.

The vibratory cylinder consists of a rotating extra long Screw Auger, rotating Vibratory Cylinder and finishing trawler. The rotating Screw Auger serves the purpose of pushing and leveling the excess concrete for the cylinder to consolidate and finish.

The carriage travel speed within the travel span of main frame can be varied and controlled by variable speed drive. The main frame of Fixed Form Cylinder pave is of lattice-type construction, all steel welded pin connected main frame of various lengths interchangeable sections. These are held by heavy duty jack at four corners. These jacks are adjustable to get the desired thickness. One set of drive and idler bogies are fitted on to these jacks for traction movement.

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