Canal Paver

Canal paver machine for road construction

AMRUTA's productive and dependable concrete paving equipment(concrete paver machine) make it the most trusted and respected name in the market.AMRUTA has been known for its innovations and pioneering spirit to help make contractors as productive as possible. We are constantlydeveloping new technology and upgrading its existing productoffering which includes a full range of Slope Canal pavers, HorizontalSurface Finishers, and concrete plants.

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AMRUTA offer our clients customized high performance concrete paver machine for Slopes and Horizontal Surface Finish. Our paver acts as a Cylinder Finisher to make concrete slabs that are used in Streets, Bridges, Base parking, Factory floors, Airport runway, Canaland reservoir. These are mainly used for light weight construction,which can be easily erected and transported from site to site. Thismachine also has a special under carriage that consists of a spreaderauger that evenly spreads the concrete to an optimum level.

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What makes Amruta unique?

We realize the achievements of the project is actually proportional towards how a consumer is equipped and trained. Our personal connections to advice begins very early as well as remains even after that the equipment is accredited all over the world. concrete paving equipment and support by Amruta.

On the Road to Success

Since 1989 Amruta has been an trade leader in the developing and/or manufacture of a complete range of convenient and additionally specialized concrete paving machines for the heavier and highway constructing industry.

My firm focuses primarily on providing the best qualitative variety of Concrete Paver Machine to our precious consumers. Their presented with goods are created with finest raw material to follow all set quality standards.

    Concrete Paving Machines attributes :-

  • Lightweight design
  • Convenient to manage
  • Significantly less space prerequisite
  • Lower use price
  • Toughness
  • Resistance towards deterioration
  • Durable models

About Paver Machine

Concrete paver machine use to developed concrete road, highway, over bridges, parking lots and many other places. This construction equipment uses a mixture of dark bituminous pitch with sand or gravel which is used for surfacing roads, flooring, roofing, etc. Paver is used for converting rough road surface into smooth surface

Salient features:

      • High productive output with very less power consumption.
      • Robust and light weight construction so that easy transportation,saving transportation cost.
      • Huge saving in capital, running and maintenance cost.
      • Whole frame structure connected with pin joint so easy assembled no effort is required, less time required.
      • Remote control provision for better monitoring of operator while paving.
      • Technology advance energy efficient electric drive system with step less speed control.
      • Accurate and user-friendly operating system, operator can be handling easily.
      • Efficient output 17.20 cu/mtr under ideal condition and applications.
      • Customized high performance for half width, Trapezoidal canals,Straight side slopes up to 45’ angle.
      • Simple operation without the wastage of time, money and manpower.

Groove Cutter (Optional):

      • Longitudinal and Transverse Groove Marker.
      • It is Made from Carbon Steel Material with Hardness.
      • It is best for toughness plus Abrasion resistant.

Hardened Augar:

      • The Auger is welded with Special hard faced welding Electrode to obtain maximum wear life.
      • The auger is designed to work in the direction of travel movement of the machine.

PVC Water Stop Attach (Optional):

      • Special arrangement is made for PVC Inserter, which can inserter longitudinal as well as Transverse.

Needle Vibrator Attach (Optional) :

      • Needle Vibrator attachment for better compaction of material.

Water Tank :

      • Water Tank 225 Ltrs Arrangement with Nozle for RMC Material if dry then you drop water and also for cleaning.

Seating Arrangement :

      • Special Seating arrangement for Operator with moving Chair with Remote Control Mounting Arrangement.
      • Hood for Protection of operator in Summer Season & Rain Season.

Prime Mover:

      • 4 kw (5 HP) Geared motor – Drive End Panel.
      • 3 Kw (4 HP) Geared Motor –Vibratory Cylinder.
      • 0.75 Kw +0.75 Kw (1 HP) Geared Motor – Drive Bogie RH & LH.
      • 0.75 kw Electric Motor –Vibratory Cylinder

Under Carriage Vibratory Cylinder & Auger Attach :

      • Finished Cylinder Dia 270 mm -1200 mm (1.2 Mtr) long accurate machined & balanced.
      • Finishing width normally 900 mm (0.9mtr) less than frame width which adjustable from 1mtr. To 32 Mtr.
      • Finishing Tolerance +-3 mm in 3654mm (12 ft.).
      • Screw Auger (R.H + L.H) flights hardened with special Electrode.

Structural Frame:

      • All structural frame light weighted so that easy in Transporting.
      • All frame welded and pin connected so that easy assembled less time required.
      • Frames are available in different length of 8 feet, 4 feet,2 feet which are infinitely adjustable up to 62 ft.-114 ft.

Curvature For any Slope Ratio:

      • Special Curvature for any slope ratio from 1:1, 1.5:1 and 2:1 as per Customer's Design and requirement.

Traction Drive System:

      • Two Electrically driven double flanged bogie wheels.
      • Traction speed 0-20 mpm.

Machine Controls:

      • Carriage movement adjustable with Variable speed controls.
      • Hooter system for Low voltage and High voltage.
      • Shock protection device.
      • Overload protection.


      • Longitudinal and Transverse PVC Water stop inserter mechanism.
      • Longitudinal and transverse Groove Marker.
      • Slope wedges.
      • Trimmer attachment.
      • Transport assembly.
      • PAN vibrator.
      • Niddle vibrator.